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The New RID is conceived!


During the official transfer of FCC historical archive material from Tony Gates and Wayne Toivanen to Bob Mroz and Jim Higgins, including old RID material, the concept of re-kindling the old RID organization was brought up.  A brief discussion ensued and the New RID was born.  


Bob Mroz purchased the URL and started work on a web site.  A few of the old photos were scanned and the web site was launched.


We hope establishing a “New” RID organization will provide a venue for field enforcement staff of the FCC to gather annually like the original RID members did to discuss memories as well as current and new technologies as well as common interests.



July 1,1940

July 1, 2008
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“A Brief History of the Federal Radio Division ‘ Pre RID” - by William Foley


“Spies In The Ether” - by Bartholomew Lee


“Spies Use Radio” - by George E. Sterling

“The U.S. Hunt for Axis Agent Radios” - by George E. Sterling


“RID and the Laurel Monitoring Station” - by Milt Mobley


“Radio, Once Upon A Time” - by Alice Brannigan


1981 RID Meeting and Dinner (Photos)


1982 RID Meeting and Dinner (Photos)


1984 RID Meeting and Dinner (Photos)


How Many Originals Are Left?