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The New RID is conceived!


During the official transfer of FCC historical archive material from Tony Gates and Wayne Toivanen to Bob Mroz and Jim Higgins, including old RID material, the concept of re-kindling the old RID organization was brought up.  A brief discussion ensued and the New RID was born.  


Bob Mroz purchased the URL and started work on a web site.  A few of the old photos were scanned and the web site was launched.


We hope establishing a “New” RID organization will provide a venue for field enforcement staff of the FCC to gather annually like the original RID members did to discuss memories as well as current and new technologies as well as common interests.



July 1,1940

July 1, 2008
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By Laws for the New RID


We thought the RID had always been a great opportunity for the “new recruits” to meet the “old crew”, and that’s just as true today as it was with the original RID team.


To help the NewRID weather future storms, it was decided that we should have some basic By-Laws that would give the organization some structure and operational guidelines while keeping it active and robust through personal commitment!


By Laws of the New RID


01. Anyone who worked in the Field Enforcement Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission or the equivalent position in the current organizational structure of the FCC and was officially assigned a badge is eligible to be a member of RID.  Individuals not meeting these requirements may be voted in as a member by majority vote of the members.

02. George Sterling will be Chief of the RID.  No other person may hold this position.

03. There will be five (5) official Administrative positions.  (1) Director, (2) Deputy Director, (3) Immediate Past Director, (4) Secretary and (5) Treasurer.  

04. Any active member of the RID may submit a name for consideration to an office and any active member of the RID may hold an office.

05. A Director shall be elected by the membership by vote of approval and will hold that position for 1 year but must first hold the position of Deputy Director and must commit to active participation for a 3-year period as Deputy Director, Director and Immediate Past Director before being accepted to office.

06. The positions of Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected by the membership for a 3-year commitment.

07. Elections shall be held at the annual meeting.

08. The Director’s responsibility is to (1) make arrangements for the annual meeting including place, time, accommodations, guest speaker and any other arrangements necessary to insure an annual meeting event, (2) conduct the annual meeting, (3) see to it that the organization continues.

09. Deputy Director and Immediate Past Director will be responsible for assisting the current Director.

10. Secretary will be responsible for taking notes of the annual meeting and having them posted on the web site.

11. Treasurer will be responsible for keeping track of the RID treasury and signing checks as necessary.

12. Directors will be issued a “Director” badge from RID funds to keep in the role as Director Emeritus.

13. To defer operational costs, membership will cost $20 per year.

14. An active member may purchase an RID badge and leather badge holder at the going rate.

15. Collected funds will be used to pay for the web site, mailings of congratulations or condolences, membership ID cards, Director badges, deposits for annual meetings (to be repaid from attendance fees) and other miscellaneous expenses.


Badge and Credentials


The “New” RID Badge and Badge/Credential Holder are produced by the same company that produces the FCC Field Enforcement badges and leather credential holders and are extremely high quality.


If you want a Badge and Badge/Credential holder, you must be RETIRED from the FCC or have been previously employed by the FCC in field enforcement and be a member of the New RID organization.  RID membership cost is a nominal $20/year to pay for the website and other incidentals associated with maintaining the organization.  The cost of the Badge and Badge/Credential holder is $100 including shipping.  The credential holder is a double window type so you can include both your retired FCC ID as well as your New RID credentials.  Please email your request to and include a passport photo which will be included as part of your RID credentials.